A New Perspective

“Maybe if I move my lips a little, the praise band will think I’m singing.” “Maybe if I wiggle my hands a bit, the people around me will think I’m clapping.” “Maybe if I nod a few times no one will notice I’m falling asleep.” Sometimes it’s so easy to go through the motions of going to church without feeling the message, the songs, and the vibrancy around you. For the people attending church at the Mustard Seed School in Cambodia, they don’t have to go through the motions because they have a bright, powerful love of Christ running through their veins. I was amazed by the sound in that tiny room when every person opened their mouths to sing. I was amazed by the quickness of the young girl translating Pastor Teresa’s message. I was amazed by the smiles around the room when these people worshipped. I wanted to feel it again and again, the energy in the room was unparalleled and intoxicating. It made me forget that I was in another country across the world, it made me forget the pressing heat outside, and it made me forget any barriers preventing me from worshipping to the fullest. The last one, to me, is most important. What an amazing way to ring in the New Year, worshiping with people who may not speak the same language as me, but still feel the Holy Spirit as deeply and profoundly as I.

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  1. Thank you for this little insight into your Sunday experience! We are praying for you as you begin the training this week! I love seeing these posts, pictures, and videos!

    1. We are so glad to share! We miss you and Will, but know you are with us in spirit and faith and love!
      Your body is healing and the rest is needed…embrace it and feel those that are lifting you up! They are all over the world! Prayers and blessings!

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