Bluff Street House Shower

Sylvania First is excited to partner with Bluff Street Village (BSV) by purchasing furnishings needed to make the tiny homes efficient, effective in maximizing space and storage, and truly welcoming to the new residents. Your gift gives the residents a hand up – providing them stable housing in a beautiful tiny home in a supportive community that eventually allows them upon meeting rent, community volunteering, and maintenance requirements to own this home, and thus build economic security. 

You can find out more information about the project at the website at  and follow progress on Facebook at

The easiest way to help is by purchasing an IKEA gift card. The Furnishings Committee will use your generous donation to fill in any missing items or combine it with other donations to get the larger items.  You can order gift cards at   and they will be sent to BSV. Please send to Sarah Twitchell’s, Volunteer Coordinator for Furnishings, email: [email protected]a

If you want to choose the items yourself, please see the attached list of the items that are needed so that you can take a closer look to see what you would like to buy. 

Ordering online:

IKEA has a click and collect system so that you can order online, they’ll pull it together and have it waiting to be picked up at the Canton store.  If you’re not available, a BSV volunteer may be available to pick it up for you.  Please let Sarah Twitchell know ahead of ordering so that she can arrange for the volunteer.

Shopping in Person:

If you’d like to take a look at and purchase in person, please contact Sarah Twitchell so that she can arrange for a member of the Ikea Business team to meet you at the store.  They will have an up to date list and be there to help you find items and answer any questions.  They’ll also record what you buy and make arrangements for delivery or for a BSV volunteer to pick it up if it is too much for you to transport.  

Sylvania First is excited to be involved in furnishing the first two tiny homes!  If you have any questions, please direct them to Sarah Twitchell at [email protected] or 567-249-6735.Thank you for joining Sylvania First in supporting the Bluff Street Village