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Psalm 119: 105

Your word is a lamp before my feet
and a light for my journey.


Cell phones and the internet connect us all instantly! We can talk, text, check emails, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and so much more!!  All of this is right at our finger tips.  No matter where we go, we can check in and catch up with the news, weather, our friends, and even our pets.

With all this technology we can stay connected wherever we go! Recently on vacation, I was able to check in with my oldest child who still had school and work.  I could se what the weather would be where I was and at home.  I could see the latest news and the latest gossip.

With all of this instant connection, it is easy to forget the connection that means the most…Connection to God! He is the one that connects our hearts and minds.  The path is set for us and it isn’t held in a phone in our hand.  It is our heart and our ability to connect to Him.

Coming home from vacation was completed by returning to my church and church family. I needed time away and to have a chance to reconnect with my family.  But I also need to sit in the pew, quiet my mind, and take time to connect with God.  I may not receive text alerts or email updates as a reminder to reconnect with God…but my heart and soul thirst for Him.  He is needed to light my path so my journey goes the right way!

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