God’s Timing

Traveling down a very bumpy road from Battambang to Phnom Penh, there is so much to see. We had just finished an amazing week with the youth of Cambodia…our bellies were full…we were soaking in the sights!

3:00 pm

About an hour or two into the six hour drive, Pastor Teresa realized she had left her insulin on the bathroom counter in the last hotel. Think about that…insulin!! Life giving insulin. We were in a foreign country without a Walmart around the corner and time was not on our side.

Panic and prayer!!

Esther and Saory were on their phones immediately!


After a flurry of phone calls, the hotel found the insulin! But, now what?

3:10 pm

The pastor in Battambang was called…just in case they had an idea. A few minutes later they called back and said one of the youth pastors was traveling to Phnom Phen for a wedding. His bus was leaving at 3:30 pm…He will stop at the hotel to get the insulin and bring it with him. Just that simple!

9:30 pm

The insulin arrived safely to our hotel shortly after we had a wonderful dinner. The Pastor gladly walked it right to our lobby (from the bus station). As he walked in, we immediately recognized him as one of the “guys cooking for us last week”. Who knew he was a Pastor?

What if…Teresa remembered a little bit earlier or later?

What if Esther and Saory didn’t have the right contacts?

What if the youth pastor wasn’t able to help?

What if…???

One thing we have seen over and over again…God’s timing is perfect!! And He is sooooo good!!!

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