Home Again—Changed!!

The team has safely made it home from Cambodia. After some very quick walks/runs through airports, many times through security, quite a few delays and some very long flights… we finally touched down in Detroit last Monday around 5 pm. Our luggage even made it to our houses…on Wednesday!

I think we can say we are over our jet lag…the laundry is done…photos are still being downloaded. But none of these things are important.

We are changed!!

     Our spirits are renewed!!

          Our faith is on fire!!

                Our hearts are so full!

                     We are so grateful for this opportunity!!

                           We have so much we want to share!! 


We will be sharing our experience with the church family…we just don’t know when. We have a lot to process and so much to tell.   In the next weeks, we will be meeting and sharing with each other so we can do our best to share with our church family.

We will gladly speak to anyone who asks!! Just know more is in the works!!


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