Love Does

A new sermon series featuring stories from the book Love Does.
Join us on Sunday Mornings
Wholly Worship 9:30 a.m.
Experience! Worship 11:00 a.m.
We look forward to seeing you then!

January 13 ⋅Love Does ⋅ Luke 3:15-17, 21-22

January 20 ⋅ Wedding Cake ⋅ John 2:1-11

January 27⋅ Star Night ⋅Luke 4:14-21

February 3 ⋅ Play Ball (Communion Sunday) ⋅ Luke 4:21-30

February 10 ⋅ Waving to Jesus ⋅ Luke 5:1-11

February 17 ⋅ Bible Doing ⋅ Luke 6:17-26

February 24 ⋅Living Water  ⋅Luke 6:27-38

March 3 ⋅ Croc Drop (Communion Sunday) ⋅ Luke 9:28-36


Love Does for Kids                                          Love Does

January 13                               Prologue                                                          Introduction

January 14                               Mistakes                                                          I’m With You

January 15                               Room Rent                                                      Sniper Fire

January 16                               Words of Life                                                  Ryan in Love

January 17                               Shiny Pennies                                                  The Reach

January 18                               I’m with You                                                    The Rearview Mirror

January 19                               Sailing with Young Life                                    “Go Buy Your Books!”

January 20

January 21                               Wedding Cake                                                 Sweet Maria

January 22                               Pictures in a Wallet                                         Wedding Cake

January 23                               Unicycle                                                          Just Say Yes

January 24                               See a Little More

January 25                               Zoo                                                                  The Interviews

January 26                               Gifts

January 27                               The Letters                                                      There’s More Room

January 28                               No-Manners Night

January 29                               Bears                                                               Wow, What a Hit!

January 30                               Keys                                                                 Bigger and Better

January 31                               Making Friends                                               A New Kind of Diet

February 1                               Everybody’s In                                                 A Word Not to Use

February 2                               The Good Doctor                                            Hunting Grizzlies

February 3                               The Town

February 4                               Pack Light                                                        Corner Store Economics

February 5                               The Jeep                                                          Catching a Ride

February 6                               Star Night                                                        Jeepology

February 7                               Restore Kids

February 8                               Freeing Slaves                                                 Ten-Year-Old Adventures

February 9                               Finding Rock

February 10                             Living Water                                                    Hearing Aid

February 11                             Bible Doing

February 12                             Humble Voices Carry Far                                The Puppeteer

February 13                             Play Ball                                                          Friends, Welcome Home

February 14                             Disneyland

February 15                             Go Pick a Fight                                                Lose the Cape

February 16                             Ice Cream Drop                                               God is Good

February 17

February 18                             Popcorn Bags                                                  Jailbreak

February 19                             Invited vs Welcome

February 20                             Grace and Toilet Paper                                   The Story

February 21                             Tippy Toes

February 22                             Quitter                                                            Skin in the Game

February 23                             Three Minutes at a Time

February 24                             The Puppeteer                                    Memorizing Jesus

February 25                             For Each Other

February 26                             Secretly Incredible                                          Palms Up

February 27                             A New Heart

February 28                             Croc Drop                                                        Two Bunk John

March 1                                   Brave

March 2                                   Waving to Jesus                                              Epilogue

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