Practice, Practice, Practice

I know!  The words every kid hates to hear!  And the words no parent wants to repeat over and over and over again!  But, there is truth in the words.  How does anyone get better at anything unless they practice?  If you play sports, or a musical instrument.  If you are an artist or a scientist.  If you are a parent or employee.  If you are a Christian . . .

Wait, a Christian!!  Yes, especially as a Christian we need to use the word practice as both a noun and a verb!  We need to practice by reading scripture daily, praying, fasting, celebrating, you name the spiritual discipline and you need to practice it to get better.  We also need to be in the practice, (noun usage) of all of the spiritual disciplines we identify with.  All of this practice brings us into a closer, stronger relationship with God!  When we take the time to spend time with God, our relationship grows and grows!  Do you spend time with your friends? your parents? your siblings?  God wants to be first in that line!

Try this –


Eggs {3}

Plastic bottle caps {2 per egg}

Heavy items to place on top of eggs such as books, cans of food, bricks, etc

Test the eggshell strength of one egg before moving on to three.

Now try three!

Something as small and as fragile as an egg can have great strength!  If you practice, practice, practice, and are in practice, your relationship with God will be amazing!  The love that will come from that relationship will give you unbelievable strength!


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