Meet our Teachers


Angela McCoy


Mrs. McCoy has teaching certificates in both Elementary Education and Special Education, with a Certificate in Child Care.  Mrs. McCoy taught Preschool all through her years of attending college.  After college, she taught middle school and high school students and was the director of an after-school program. She also worked part-time as a Behavioral Specialist for a year.  After getting married and having her son, she taught part-time at a christian school.  Once she had her second child, she stayed home for approximately 6 months and then was blessed to be hired at her church in Salem, Ohio as the Director of Family Ministry, which was her position for 9 1/2 years until she relocated to Sylvania, Ohio.  In this position, she worked with all ages, but a large part of her  job was with preschoolers.  Mrs. McCoy is so excited and feels blessed to be a part of Sylvania First Preschool!  Mrs. McCoy has 3 children; a son and two daughters. Her husband’s name is Patrick and they have a cat named Avery.  Mrs. McCoy loves to do Pilates and loves scrapbooking.  Her favorite color is purple and she loves drinking vanilla or caramel lattes.  Preschool has always been her favorite age to work with!


Sarah Booth


Sara Booth has been teaching at Sylvania First Preschool for over 10 years. Before teaching, she shared her love of children and reading as a school librarian. Mrs. Booth has two daughters who are in college. She enjoys reading, long walks on the beach, spending time with family and playing solitaire. She prefers Diet Coke over coffee. Her favorite color is yellow. She loves to see the preschoolers come back to visit as they grow.