The Struggle is Real

If someone had told me in January what the year 2020 would look like, I would have laughed.  We are definitely not laughing now… We are struggling!  The year has brought so many changes and so many questions.  All people, but especially people of faith, have so many questions, challenges, and opportunities to stretch and grow. This page is not meant to tell you how to think.  It is meant to help you struggle as you think. 

Please take some time to read or watch.  Please take some time in prayer.  Please take some time having meaningful conversations in a safe environment.  This is our world.  Can we stay in the struggle to notice where God is at work in our midst? 

What can you do?


We listen for the voice of Jesus in our private acts of devotion and our public acts of worship. 


We begin our work by joining hands and hearts to journey side by side.   

For Your Children

Our children are our future and a bright light.

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