Thursday (a quick glance)

Thursday morning started a little slower. Not many jumped out of bed. A few extra groans…a few more yawns. But I didn’t need to get out the pool noodle!

The crews were off to work. Those working at the wheel chair ramp house saw a lot of progress today…with some unexpected help.

What the kids had been digging by hand all week was helped along by a city crew that was nearby at just the right time.

The other crew returned to Monday’s house to finish painting the wall and stain the back deck. They learned not to stain themselves into a corner and that paint can sometimes go right through pants to your skin.

We had a Bible scavenger hunt and learned the word “praise” in the Bible is actually translated from 7 different Hebrew words.

Cathy had a real treat for the kids with an ice cream sundae bar.

We are so blessed that Cathy is giving her service and love by being in charge of the kitchen this week. Everyone is eating great food served with love!!

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  1. I just love reading about and seeing photos from your experiences this week!!!! I can only imagine how exhausting it must be to work when the sun is so hot… and for several days in a row! Lynn, Cathy, Dan and the young adult helpers…. Caryn, Becky, and Sam… are most certainly making this a trip to remember! Thank you to ALL of you for serving in the ways that you are! We can’t wait for your return on Saturday! God Bless!!!

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