What do you see?

Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?   This is the title and opening line of a very popular children’s book written by Eric Carle.  (Before you roll your eyes…remember I teach preschool also!)  As I was reading this book to the preschoolers, I started to think about what the students really “saw”.  Did they only see the colors on the page?  Did they see the animals in sometimes non-typical colors?  Did they see the teacher as a friend?  Did they see the other students?

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When we see others in our lives…neighbors, friends, students, teachers, store clerks, fast food workers, doctors, and on and on and on…what do we see? Do we take one look and form an opinion by their outer appearance?  Do we see their heart?  Do we give them a chance?

Looking to Jesus, who does he see? Who were his disciples?  Who did he choose to be surrounded by?

Take a few minutes to think back on your day… What do you see?

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