Who’s winning?

Some of our junior high youth and I went miniature golfing this past weekend. It was a beautiful day with great kids, laughter, and sunshine.  I decided to keep score and not participate.  I was happy to watch, grab a few stray golf balls, and enjoy the time together.

After a few holes, they wanted to know who was winning.   I did some quick math and rattled off the scores.  That appeased them for a little while, but soon the question came again…”Who’s winning?”  This happened many times throughout the 18 holes.  I finally said, “I am!  I have the lowest score so I win!”

The response was an eye roll (big surprise!) and the comment…you can’t win. You didn’t do anything!  I teased a little more and then thought about what they said.  They were right—you can’t win unless you DO something.

As you go about your week, look for opportunities to jump in. Yes, we can watch from the sidelines or shadows, but we can do so much more if we DO something.   It doesn’t have to be big!  It just has to be from the heart!

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  1. Good message – I will try to remind myself to Do Something when I’m in a competitive sports situation especially with golf or pickleball

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