Be changed!

Here is little experiment to get you started thinking about change.  Take three glasses or jars that are the same size.

  Like this!

Fill the two outside glasses with water.  Mix in your two favorite food coloring colors.  Now roll two pieces of paper towel and place them in each outside glass.  Then stretch the other ends into the center empty glass.  Now sit back and watch.  It may take some time, like 1 sleep, so don’t stay up all night.  See how the two outside colors mix with together in the middle glass!  That’s change.


Talk about it:

Think about how if one jar with food coloring represents them, and one jar with food coloring represents God, how are each of them different when they allow God to work in their hearts and change them (the center glass)?  When God works in you to change you, what do you want to do with that change?  How can you have a better relationship with God?  This is a great time to practice the spiritual discipline of prayer, simply talking to God!  Try talking to him at all different times of the day.  Different places.  Different ways.  Don’t forget to listen!


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