Be Childlike

Two weeks ago we invited Jumpy our preschool tadpole to church. We talked about how old Jumpy was to still be a tadpole. Jumpy has been sooooo comfortable that he has not had to change or grow! Well guess what, through all of our prayers, and probably all of the jiggling around, Jumpy grew front legs over this past weekend! Everyone was really surprised, especially the preschoolers! The question for many people is “What’s wrong with Jumpy staying a tadpole?”

The idea of Jumpy remaining a tadpole causes me to question the idea of being childish and childlike. Remaining a tadpole was somewhat of a childish response for Jumpy. He didn’t want to grow up. For we adults, we sometimes long for the simpler times of childhood. We can understand the simplicity of being a child, but also the limitations that come along. Don’t get me wrong, it seems much more simple to have limited decision making abilities, and responsibilities. However, some of the emotional mood swings are very difficult to deal with. Think of your own children. We love them all dearly, but there are days! Being childish is great when you are a child.

In this past Sunday’s scripture, Jesus told the disciples that they need to be childlike. Very different from being childish! Children are free, and curious, and energetic. They wonder about so many things. Most of the children I know do things and then don’t expect recognition for what they have done! They just do it because they love so big! Again, what are your own children like?

This week, help your children see the difference in Jumpy from two weeks ago. Talk with them about how they are changing and growing. What’s easy for them right now? What are their difficulties? Ask them specifically how they want be friends with Jesus. This is a great time to help them grow in their childhood and their relationship with Jesus. Practice the spiritual discipline of meditation. Have each family member spend time silently meditating and thinking about what Jesus means to them.

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  1. Ribbit! Aren’t there times when it would be so comfortable to be childlike and let someone else take over the responsible adult role?
    Great suggestions for families and children.

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