Change, Learn, Grow

This is the newest picture of Jumpy!

No longer a tadpole or a tad-frog (I made that up)! He grew!! We all know that change can be difficult, even good change! But Jumpy has taken on the challenge and changed and grown right before our eyes! That can be tough on a body! Miss Youngpeter said Jumpy is really taking after his name now. She was holding him when he jumped out of her hand, onto the cart, onto a shelf, then a chair, the floor, and under a cabinet! He sure caught up quickly!

Just like Jumpy, we are constantly changing and growing! Along the way I hope we are learning too! Anyone who knows me knows that Isaiah and I don’t get along. Kids, that means Miss Julie doesn’t understand a lot about the book of Isaiah! Just like everyone else, I am changing and growing too. It does feel a little funny for me to quote a passage out of Isaiah, but it really fits my thoughts here. So, here goes –

Isaiah 43:19Common English Bible (CEB)


Look! I’m doing a new thing;

now it sprouts up; don’t you recognize it?

I’m making a way in the desert,

paths[a] in the wilderness.

If we trust in God, new things will sprout up that are amazing. And sometimes, God will ask us to do things that challenge us! That’s when we really have to trust! But change, growth, and learning are all part of becoming the Christian that God wants you to be!

Try this:

Go outside as a family. Pick up as many leaves as you can. Collect all the different colors. Take the leaves inside and spend some time looking at them. Look at the stem and veins, the shape. Talk about how the tree that grew those leaves is constantly growing and changing. Old leaves fall off and new buds and leaves come in the spring. How have you grown since we started talking about Jumpy? Have you shed your tail? Grown legs? Tried jumping into freedom? What are some things God can help you grow into? Share with each other one God goal that you have for the rest of this year. YOU decide what your God goal is and then strive to achieve it! If you want, you can share your God goal here!

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