Cottage Meetings

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Cottage Meetings Q&A
Q: What are cottage meetings?
A: Gatherings of 8-10 people, hosted by a member of the church family.
Q: When are they being held?
A: Sept. 16 through Oct. 15. You can pick a day and time that is convenient for you.
Q: Why are we having these meetings?
A: We are working to envision our church’s most faithful future, and we want everybody’s input about the values and purpose of our church.
Q: Who is pushing this?
A: The administrative council (made up of representatives from all of our committees) is behind this. The Rev. Rae Lynn Schleif, our assistant district superintendent, has been helping to guide the process. Volunteer facilitators from our church will be leading the meetings.
Q: Why are we doing this now?
A: It has been 10 years since we developed our mission statement. We have changed. The world has changed. We believe Christ is leading us into a faithful, fruitful future, but we know it will take all of us praying and listening to the Spirit’s prompting to see it and move together into it.
Q: Are they going to ask me for money?
A: No. These meetings are about vision, mission and values, period.
Q: Will everybody know what I said?
A: You will be asked to write down some thoughts about the church’s values and missions. Your responses will remain anonymous, but they will be taken into consideration as we listen for the Holy Spirit’s guidance moving forward.
Q: What kinds of questions might I be asked?
A: Questions like, ‘what do I value about the church?’ ‘What are our core values as a church?’ And ‘What is the purpose of our church?’

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