I’m Sorry

Everyone makes mistakes or bad choices! If can be a simple act of bumping into someone, taking a beloved toy (or cell phone) or saying something mean about someone else (gossiping).   These actions all should be followed up with I’m sorry.

Sadly, sometimes the I’m sorry is said grudgingly or said only because it is forced upon them.  The famous…”what do you say?”  or “say you’re sorry”!  Other times I’m sorry is just words to speak.  Is it just a phrase or do you mean it?

In Matthew 18, Jesus talks about forgiveness. He also gives us a parable about an unforgiving servant.  I think that Jesus makes it quite clear that we should always strive to make peace with ourselves and others.  Not forgiving weighs on us and on our heart.  Forgiveness lightens our load and makes us feel so much better.

In baby sign language, the sign for I’m sorry is to make a fist with your hand and rub it in a circular motion across your chest.  It is like rubbing around your heart.  I really like the idea of I’m sorry being near your heart.  After all, isn’t that we all should want? I’m sorry and please forgive me is all about the heart!

Can you make an effort to use the sign for I’m sorry as you say the words?  Hopefully this will be reminder that I’m sorry needs to come from the heart.


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