More than a Wave!! More than a Game!!

Children in the hospital have so much going on that it is not much fun…needles, medicine, loneliness, not being at home….the list goes on and on. Their parents have a lot going on, too.  I can only imagine how difficult it is to see your child suffering and trying to be a positive light for them while struggling too.

A children’s hospital in Iowa takes the opportunity to “escape” from routine of the hospital a few Saturdays in the fall. This hospital looks over the University of Iowa football stadium.  Each home game the kids, their parents, and the staff take a break to watch the game. The highlight of the day is not the end of the game with a win or a loss…it is the end of the first quarter.  Watch!


There are times in our lives that a wave, or a smile, or a hug is all we need to brighten our day.   That gesture will not change the course of our lives, but it does make someone feel a little better.   This wave is a highlight in the hospital, but I think everyone involved is lifted just a little.

On the flip side…college football is all about “look at me”. Game days are all about plays, yards, and winning.  For players, coaches, and fans to take a moment and think of a sick small child instead of themselves…precious!!

This week take the time to make a difference for someone else!!



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