I saw this sign this week on Facebook.  It’s from First United Methodist Church of Collingswood, NJ.


With the Super Bowl right around the corner, I guess this church decided to be a little silly and share their Bible jokes.  I’m a little surprised that a church in New Jersey would seemingly pick the Eagles over the Patriots, but who knows.

This silliness got me to thinking, how many times do we read or hear something from the Bible that we turn and make to fit a certain life experience or thought process?  When we take words from the Bible out of context, we can make them fit any situation.  While the words of scripture are very inspiring, they are not intended for us to manipulate to mean what we want them to mean.  God is always with us and his words are soooo important.  There is nothing wrong with learning from and applying scripture to our lives!  The issue comes in when we try to turn the scripture to fit our needs, not what God is teaching us.

So, keep reading that scripture and talking to God everyday!  Talk with your family, children too, everyday!  Our little people learn from our example more than they learn in an hour or two of church each week.  Keep practicing at home!  The way we all learn to be more comfortable at something and be more comfortable doing something is by practicing.


Try this-



½ cup of cornstarch

¼ cup of water

a couple drops of food coloring

spoon or wooden stirrer

cup or bowl


1. Add the food coloring to your water.

2. Put the cornstarch in your cup or bowl.

3. Stir the colored water into your cornstarch.

4. Play with the oobleck ! Let it drip off your fingers, but then watch as you can form a ball with it. Poke it hard with your finger, but then slowly let your finger sink into it.



The Oobleck changes form when it is lifted from the whole.  It isn’t exactly the same when it is separated.  This is like pulling scripture in part out of the whole story contained in the Bible.  Find guidance in the Bible, but don’t pull the words out that will give you the results that you want.

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