Put a Stamp On It

Three days before Christmas Eve I received a letter in the mail from one of the children here at Sylvania First.  As I opened the envelope I was guessing at what could be inside.  Folded very carefully in a legal sized envelope was a pencil sketch that this young man had drawn.  The snowman with snowflakes falling all around him was so fun to open.  We passed it around the office and talked about how we felt special because we received this piece of mail.  One piece of mail made us feel loved.

Confession:  I am not good at sending mail!  I don’t usually forget people’s birthdays, but they get text messages, emails, or Facebook wishes from me, not real mail!  This act of kindness by this boy has truly impacted me, and I would like to encourage each of us to think about how we can make someone feel special.  Just with a letter!

Jesus lets us know all of the time that we are loved!  Do we do the same for others?  And, can we let people know they are loved and special by sending mail?  I think we need to make the answer to both of these questions YES!

So in this new year, let’s talk to each other more, phone each other more, write each other letters, draw pictures, and just love each other more!

Everyone has paper at home, but if you want to have a little extra fun . . .

Try this –

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