Talk Isn’t Cheap

We all have plans!  We make plans according to our schedules.  Johnny has basketball at 4, Mary has Girl Scouts at 5:30, dad gets off work at 5, the family needs to make dinner when they all get home together.  Does this sound familiar?

Do the plans that we have and make come before everything else?  Where do people fit into our busy lives?  Sometimes God has plans for us that don’t fit into our schedule or lists.  Sometimes we have to get away from our lists because that is what God calls us to do.  He has something much more important that needs our attention.

DON’T IGNORE IT!  If God has something in mind for you, (someone stops over, you run into someone at the grocery store, another parent needs you to listen to them, etc.) the opportunities go on and on, pay attention!  There are people in our everyday lives that we need to pay attention to.  Lists don’t matter!  People do!

Try this – 

I’m sure you have everything you need at home –

  • Plastic Zip Lock Bags
  • Sharp Pencils
  • Water

Instructions – 

Simply fill and seal your plastic Zip lock bags with water and head outside or over a sink or bath (trust me when this experiment is complete the kids will want to see the bag get empty again). Have the children gently stab each pencil through the bag until it pierces both sides…and surprise, surprise, NO water leaks out!

You can push a lot of pencils through the bag and it won’t leak!

When you get thrown a curveball in your day, and your lists don’t go exactly as planned, remember, no water leaks out!  People are more important that schedules!  People may need us when we have things planned, but no water leaks out!  Our lists will still be there and can get finished another time, but people matter!!!  No water leaks out!!  When we open ourselves up to listen and care for other people, we are loving for God!!  Talk isn’t cheap!!  It matters to the people who need you!!

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  1. Just came across this verse this morning.
    Proverbs 16:9 In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.

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