Snow!! Bright…white…fluffy…

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What a beautiful sight! As I sit and look out at the crisp, clean snow, I feel like all the brown, ugly yuck is gone.  Gone are the leaves, dirt, and potholes.  Gone are the brown patches, dead grass, and litter.  After all, I can’t see it so it must not be there!


For some, that is what Christmas decorations and merriment do for our “stuff” during the Christmas season. Christmas lights, blow up lawn ornaments, wrappings and bows all look very pretty!  But is it covering up hurts, sadness, grudges, and so much more?  Those feelings are still there.  They are just covered up and buried.

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The beautiful snow will eventually melt and leave slush and salt. Eventually all that is covered and shiny will be messy and real.  We need to remember that we are not the only people who are human and covering things up.  Friends, family, co-workers are all people with feelings and “stuff” in their lives.  The holidays are a joyous time and should be filled with wonder and merriment, but please be cautious of those that still need love and support, not just another bright shiny package.

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So get a cup of hot cocoa and sit under a blanket and just enjoy the snow as it falls and covers the ground…enjoy the silence and the beauty! Just remember that all that is now white is not gone…it is just covered up.

As you go through this holiday season, please take a really good look at people. Not just what they are covering with Christmas sweaters, smiles and polite chatter, but at the person.  Take the time to see through the decorations to the heart.  This Christmas season is not easy for anyone.  Give grace and blessings along with hugs and presents.

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